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Bale Covers 


Merrick Posters

Tired of having bland office walls? Having a hard time finding a poster that educates your patient owners about spinal anatomy? Search no more. This specially crafted Merrick poster will enable you to have a beautiful piece of artwork that communicates the impact of the chiropractic adjustments.


Please note that posters come in EQUINE and CANINE varieties. 


Brochures and Half Sheets

Looking to leave a lasting impression with the materials you leave behind? These items are bound to set the tone! These brochures come with a hidden surprise on the inside: a beautiful and colorful Merrick chart. The back panel is intentionally left blank so you can customize the brochure with your practice information.


Please note: these brochures will NOT be folded before delivery


Report of Findings Sheet

Patient education has never been easier! Use these take home sheets (along with the suggested script covered in our Business Basics course) to convert new patients into life long customers. This educational flyer will communicate the value of chiropractic so your owners can understand the why of what you do.


Please note: this sheet comes in 3 varieties (canine, equine, or both).

Pictured is the BOTH variety

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